When you Take Action on “Non Actionable” Intelligence

I was challenged by a prospect.

This person owns an agency and is interested in White Labeling MergedAnalytics but…he was still skeptical.

We were getting close to setting a meeting when he asked me what I would have asked me if I were him.

He asked” when was he on my website, how many times and what did he do while he was there”?

I talk often about the Actionable vs. Non Actionable data that we deliver.

We focus on the Actionable intelligence that we deliver because well….you can take immediate action on it in some way.

There are times however, the data we deliver is something that is difficult to take action on for example….if a person visits your website while not on their office network.

Although we track it all…..MergedAnalytics will see it as internet service provider like…Verizon, or ATT for example as the company that visited your website. So in the portal we separate and classify this type of data as non actionable .

Long Story short….I was able to take action on what I usually would perceive as non actionable intelligence.

I still had never spoken live to this prospect but I was LinkedIn with that person and saw their City/State Location .

I checked my “Non Actionable” Tracking data in the #MergedAnalytics portal and saw that I had visits from that same location the same day my prospect asked if I could tell him if he was on my website.

I then ran additional reports for the Month and Quarter and saw that IP Address and location visited my website 3 times in the last 3 weeks clicking on the “meet the team” page , homepage and pricing pages on my website.

I was able to tell that prospect exactly when he visited my website, how many times and which pages he spent time on….it was enough that we now have a meeting set .

My question is….since there is obvious value in what we call “non actionable ” intelligence….what new classification would you give it instead?

If your new classification gets chosen you win 6 months free of MergedAnalytics.

Happy Labor Day!