MergedAnalytics mentioned in a post by Marcus Grimm regarding the future of Cookies and IP address Tracking tools

A post by Marcus Grimm regarding IP Address tracking caught my eye because well…that is what MergedAnalytics provides.

The best part about reading this post completely unprovoked was…he mentioned MergedAnalytics as being a tool that in his words is … “battle- proof”.

He wrote…
“For many of my clients, I’ll deploy MergedAnalytics on their website. It’s less than a hundred bucks per month and is relatively battle-proof. “

Anyway….read on. There are some good nuggets of information for any company looking to get more information on the People and Companies who are interacting with their digital brand.

Also… Marcus wrote this post on a platform called…..NotePD .

NotePD is a tool developed by my virtual Mentor James Altucher. Great social media tool that will help you become an idea machine if used daily.

Here is the link…

How to handle MergedAnalytics data

Many software deployments fail.

The reasons are usually the same even if the software is incredible.

Why does software fail? Here are the most common reasons…

– No direction from the business sponsor as to why you need to use the software
– Best Practices – How should the users enter data in a uniform way so that the data can be useful
– How the software will help the end user. What is in it for them? It can NOT be just for management to receive reports.
– Power User(s) – People with knowledge as to how and why users need to use the system
– Training

MergedAnalytics is no different.

In this segment Thom and I discuss getting the most out of the intelligence MergedAnalytics delivers.


MergedAnalytics – Flagging

Who are your website visitors?

Is everyone who clicks on your website a prospect or a customer?

I doubt it.

Website visitors come in all flavors ranging from…

– Competitors
– People looking for employment
– People who want to sell their services to your company
– Investors
– People who are there by accident
– Customers
– Prospects
– Family and Friends
– Internal people within your organization
– Partners

You need to get good at filtering out the people you want to remarket to once they land on your website.

Thom and I discuss how MergedAnalytics can help by flagging certain visitors that you either want to know when the click through your website or even visitors that if you see a certain indicator …you know to ignore them right away.

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When MergedAnalytics Fails and Google Tag Manager (GTM)

I spent the last 20 years deploying CRM solutions to many organizations. I always knew early on which deployments were destined for failure as they always had the same characteristics.

Not much has changed with my experience with deploying MergedAnalytics. Even when the analytics we deliver are awesome…success is still not guaranteed.

Thom and I discuss the situations where even though the analytics we are delivering are great and plentiful….there is no process in place to efficiently deal with the amount of the intelligence we deliver.

Without clear direction communicated from the business stakeholder…most projects of any kind will fail .

This means the business stakeholder needs to clearly communicate …

– why are we deploying a new tool

– what problem(s) is it solving

– what are the best practices and processes that need to be followed

– what makes this initiative a success (or failure)

– some level of training

We also discuss how Google Tag Manager (GTM) is used with MergedAnalytics.

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Do you Trust your Data Analytics?

Real Situation : One of our prospects compared MergedAnalytics with TWO of our biggest Competitors.

Both cost hundreds more per month than MergedAnalytics but there seemed to be a major difference in what we delivered vs. what “they” delivered.

To our dismay…..Our prospect reported that the analytics we delivered were almost 50% LESS than what both of our competitors delivered over the same month’s time.

We knew why this happened but we ran tests on the exact same dataset and found what we thought we would find.

Our Conclusion : Because of our built-in default configured data FILTERS… MergedAnalytics by nature weeded out the NON HUMAN clicks that others include in their reporting.

MergedAnalytics filters out non human clicks by default

Non Human clicks are the spiders, server clicks, crawlers, BOTS, proxies, known vpns, etc.


What is YOUR use-case. How companies leverage MergedAnalytics

I get asked often how to companies use MergedAnalytics.

My answer is everyone does it the same but uses the intelligence we deliver in different ways. Below see how 6 companies in 6 different industries use MergedAnalytics.

1. A Marketing Company we work with uses the intelligence received from #MergedAnalytics to inject positive energy into their corporate culture by confirming their marketing efforts are indeed working! When highly sought after prospects spend time on their website….the CEO calls an “All hands on Deck” meeting with this news.

2. A Design Firm we work with uses the intelligence delivered by MergedAnalytics to carefully craft their prospect presentations to put themselves in a position to win business. This firm usually gets only ONE shot to present to their prospects. The intelligence received from MergedAnalytics is critical. They view MergedAnalytics as their secret competitive advantage.

3. An Executive Search Firm in the Bio/Pharma Life Sciences space uses MergedAnalytics to win projects by proactively sending reinforcing marketing material they know the prospect was interested in based on website activity.

4. A Commercial Construction Company wins more business because of the intelligence we deliver early in their prospect’s research phase. 
By understanding their prospect’s needs they can proactively make contact earlier in the process and as a result be one of the first bidders. 

5. Digital Marketing Agencies who perform SEO, Leadgen, Website design White Label the intelligence MergedAnalytics delivers. They are creating higher customer retention rates and new reliable revenue streams as a result.

6. A software company uses MergedAnalytics intelligence to provide better support to their customers as well as uncover upsell opportunities by seeing where their customers are spending time on their website.

90% of success is showing up

It’s Monday and you are tired from your busy weekend. The problem is….you have meetings with customers and prospects. There is an old saying…90% of success is simply showing up. There are always exceptions to why it is ok to cancel…but in most cases….push yourself….good things come from simply showing up.

I would love to hear your stories where you did not want to show up but you did and something great happened as a result.

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Taking your customers for granted

Relying on one big account for your business is obviously not a great long term strategy although it is easy to fall into this trap. What happens if that account abruptly leaves? At the same time…if you do find one customer in your new business….is it a fluke or an indication that you have a viable business? Thom and I discuss these ideas plus we talk about the cautionary scenario when you take on a big opportunity for the money but that opportunity is a deviation from your core business. Should you take the deal for the money even if it refocuses your attention and resources?

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Are you chasing bots?

Are you sure you trust your data analytics?

Real Situation that happened today…

One of our prospects compared MergedAnalytics with our biggest Competitor.

Our prospect reported to us that the analytics we delivered were almost 50% LESS than what our competitor delivered over a month’s time.

We ran tests on that same exact dataset and found the following…

Our Built-In Default FILTERS weeded out the non human clicks like spiders, server clicks, crawlers, BOTS , proxies, known vpns, etc.

Those filters resulted in the 50% decrease!!!


Stress Hacks

What are some stress hacks that get you through whatever it is you are going through?

Thom and I discuss some of the things we do to calm down and continue to operate at a high level.

One thing I did forget to mention is the importance of staying hydrated. Dehydration can cause a level a stress.

Lastly, I demonstrate a breathing exercise hack that will make you calm instantly!

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