How do you make sense of your website traffic?

Of all the website visitor on your site….can you effectively sift through your analytics and pinpoint the exact people to follow up with?

All the clicks from Social Media, Email Campaigns and Website Visits….that is what #mergedanalytics delivers….except we filter out the garbage clicks from non humans. ie bots, server clicks , spiders, crawlers etc.

The bots make it look like a real human opened your email and clicked the links in that email….but even though it looks real…it may not be.

Why do bots click those links?

There are many reasons but often it is your cyber security software clicking those links to make sure they are safe.

If the non human clicks are filtered out by default… your life will be that much easier getting to the real people who are interested in what you are selling.

So when using MergedAnalytics…EXPECT less Analytics because of the way we filter.

WE get rid of the garbage that many others still deliver to you.