Lead with MergedAnalytics

Ok B2B Marketing Agencies….this is how you should leverage MergedAnalytics….

  1. Place the MergedAnalytics pixel on your customer’s website …..and wait two weeks
  2. After two weeks… if there is not much actionable intelligence….this is your time to shine!!!! Drive traffic to your customer’s website through SEO, Lead Generation, Social Media etc.
  3. If there is a lot of intelligence….this is a good thing! Analyze the data for your customers and make it simple and actionable. ie…deliver a report that you can generate from MergedAnalytics that highlights the companies and email addresses that interacted with your digital brand the most within the last week or month.
  4. Pricing – at $59 per month….MergedAnalytics should NOT be an extra line item that you charge your customers.

Bake the price into whatever it is you are billing your customer.

You should be saying things like…”when you work with us…these analytics are included! That’s it. Simple and powerful.

Our Marketing Agency customers who follow this model are having success with MergedAnalytics.