Use what you sell

Are you a user of what you are selling?

I believe it is important to be a successful user and believer of whatever it is you are selling.

We have been focusing on A/E/C firms with our marketing efforts.

A/E/C firms leverage MergedAnalytics to learn about opportunities before their competition.

Our marketing efforts are working. How do I know?

I keep receiving alerts from my own instance of MergedAnalytics detailing A/E/C firms interest in MergedAnalytics.

The image below is an example of a Commercial Construction firm in Chicago who was engaging with our website for about 1 hour.

They have obvious interest in MergedAnalytics.

Since I have no connections at this company as of yet….my next action is to click the Linkedin and Google Data bridges and find the right person/people within that firm to discuss how MergedAnalytics can help them win more business!