Memento Mori

Memento Mori…. means….Remember we can die at any moment.

Death can be a great motivator.

One of my favorite speeches was the commencement speak at Stanford University given by Steve Jobs when he was very close to his own death.

He speaks candidly about his own mortality and how he uses it for motivation in a way I had never considered before watching that speech.

I recommend watching it whenever you need motivation.

Remembering you will die will also help you do and say the right things as well….like….making sure you go to your kids game, asking that person out on a date, saying “I love you”, calling your Mother, going for the big job you think you are not qualified to get etc.

We act as if we will live forever . “I will relax after this is over” is what we tell ourselves or all will be good once I get that promotion.

How many times do we hear people dropping dead after they have received exactly what they always wanted.

The journey truly is the gift not the outcome. Have a nice day.

Thom StallingsMergedAnalytics LLC