New use case for MergedAnalytics – Poaching Prevention

Are you nervous your key employees could be poached?

An Engineering/Design firm that is a customer of ours called to tell us how grateful they are for using MergedAnalytics and how it has made an immediate impact for their organization.

The reason….recently some key members of their top talent have left their organization….poached away by their competitors.

MergedAnalytics can help you figure out what content to display on your website.

After putting our pixel on their website….they have uncovered many of their competitors spending time on the “MEET the TEAM” page learning not only the names of their targets but also information as to what they are working on etc.

As a result our customer has amended those pages on their site so their competition will not have as easy of a time figuring out who they would like to poach.

This is an interesting use case for #mergedanalytics that I had not considered before last week.