“They” say good marketing comes from good story telling.

Once upon a time there was a company who wanted an edge against their competition but felt they could not afford to procure the tools they needed to get that edge.

Tools that would help them quickly and easily analyze the people and companies interacting with their digital brand.
– Who are they?
– How did they find our website?
– What website pages did they click?
– How many times did they return?

“The tools we need to answer those questions are for the big companies with large digital marketing budgets” said the owner. “We simply do not have the budget or the resources for something like that” he exclaimed.

Then one day the business owner saw a post on Linkedin from a company named MergedAnalytics. They claimed that they are leveling the playing field small businesses just like them and provide the tools that are just what the business owner needed at a very low monthly fee.

The owner read that MergedAnalytics has tools which provide Timely Actionable Intelligence that will help Increase Revenue and would take only 5 minutes to set up.

The owner contacted them and after speaking with MergedAnalytics liked what he saw and moved forward.

He is now able to merge data from three main sources …
– Website Visits
– Social Media Marketing
– Email Marketing

The data became available quickly after set up in the form of easy to understand actionable reports.

The business owner and his business partners were happy.

They were able to support their customers and prospects in a way they never thought possible resulting in more sales and happy customers.

They all lived happily ever after.

The End.