Zach Reisler

Introducing Zachary Reisler .

Zach is 18 years old and a Senior in High School.

He is already a founder of around 10 businesses…..real revenue generating businesses.

He started a “drop ship” company at the ripe old age of 14.

He created TikTok video for his first company that went viral receiving over 14 million views and hundreds of thousands of comments.

He is a world traveler, digital marketer and overall great person.

He studies history on his own.

Zach talks about his plans after high school.

Zach does not have time for College.

He also explains why North Eastern Europe is a tech hub.

I took notes when he spoke.

I believe Zach’s path after High School is going to be the norm rather than an anomaly in the very near future. Reason being that attending a university does not guarantee a positive return on your investment.

I root for people like Zach.

Something tells me whether I am rooting for him or not…he is destined for success.

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