Are you a Luddite?

Are you a Luddite? Without using Google or Chatgpt…do you know what it means when you are referred to as a Luddite?

You may very well be one.

Thom and I discuss AI in terms of what it means for humanity going forward.

I tell the story about the Luddites which were a group of people following a guy named Ned Ludd during the industrial revolution.

Lud along with his followers were destroying sewing machines so “save” the jobs of humans. These people were worried that their services were not needed anymore and that is how they dealt with it.

Whether you are scared or hate the idea AI….it is really irrelevant. It’s here, getting more powerful every second.

In 1-5 years AI will be smarter that all humans on earth combined.

Do not be a luddite.