The value of marketing to a vertical

Are your marketing efforts focused on a vertical?

If your product or service is everything to everyone…you are also nothing to no one.

My company, #MergedAnalytics for example is a tool that any B2B company with a website could leverage however we are focused in the #AEC vertical.

People within the same vertical tend to network and speak with each other. They tend to talk to each other about problems (and solutions) within their industry.

Lawyers network with lawyers. Marketers network with marketers.

And so on.

There are countless other benefits like really understanding the laws, vernacular, pitfalls and problems that exists within certain verticals.

During our previous episode @Livvy Won explained how ActiveCampaign grew their customer base of 185,000 by word of mouth within the small business and solopreneur vertical. Word of mouth!!!!!

In this segment Thom and I discuss the value of focusing your networking, marketing and sales efforts within a specific vertical.