Do you trust Linkedin Likes?

What does it mean to you when someone “Likes” your post?

To me…I do not always trust “Likes”.

Did this person give me a “Like” because they genuinely liked my post or is there an ulterior motive?

Often times truly Liking a post is the 4th or 5th reason you get a Like.

Reasons why people “Like” posts….

– To interact with someone who they are NOT Linkedin with as of yet
– To change their algorithm on Linkedin to appear in other feeds
– To interact and Link in with someone ELSE who “Liked” your post
– Because they actually LIKED what you posted.

That last one these days seems like the least important reason to give a Like.

I find the majority of people who have a Linkedin account….like to consume content passively and anonymously….and they have good reason to have that opinion.

Having said the above…. it is still very important to post and post often if you are building/nurturing your brand.

When in doubt…post. Even if you are not getting likes…it is being viewed.

Thom and I discuss this topic more in this short clip.

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