Are you chasing clicks from non humans?

Do the digital marketing analytics you deliver to your customers lack veracity?

I work with many marketing agencies and lead gen firms.

I am constantly having to remind my customers that by default MergedAnalytics filters out the server clicks, bots, crawlers and basically all of the non human clicks that many other stacks including Google Analytics deliver.

“But Mailchimp is showing all of these opens and clicks on links in our email campaigns but I am not seeing that data reflected in #mergedanalytics ” they say to me.

To be honest this conversation can get very uncomfortable.

Marketing and Lead Gen Agencies do not want to believe all the work they are doing are not generating results.

No one wants to believe their analytics lack veracity.

As I say often….do not shoot the messenger. You could swallow the blue pill and believe your campaigns are doing amazing.

I would recommend however taking the Red pill and understand the truth.
By searching for the truth you will be that much closer to the path of marketing enlightenment.

Thom StallingsMergedAnalytics LLC

Be an Expert Novice

Are you an expert in something?

There are times being an expert becomes dangerous because everyone including the expert, the founders, and VC’s are convinced the experts are right.

What you need are experts who believe they are right but still have a seed of doubt that it is possible they could be wrong .

Thom and I discuss being an Expert Novice which was eloquently described by the authors of the book ” Nail it Then Scale it” by Nathan Fugg and Paul Ahlstrom. In the case of launching a business….Listening to experts without getting real world customer feedback is dangerous.

This danger can become very expensive for investors and founders alike.

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Is your Company a Cure or a Vitamin?

Is your business’s product or service a vitamin or a cure for your customers?

This topic came up in a great book we have been recommending that anyone launching a new business or product should read called #nailitthenscaleit.

There is no right or wrong answer….you just need to understand which one you are and price accordingly. Does your company solve smaller problems like vitamins tend to help with or….does your business solve major issues that will save other businesses from premature death? Vitamins are essential for health and longevity.

Vitamins are a multi billion dollar industry so we can agree they have value. A cure often means the difference between life or death or in this context being in business or not.

Do not set the price of a vitamin the same as you would price a cure. In this segment….Thom and I discuss the topic of….is your business a vitamin or a cure for other businesses.

I enjoyed this segment as it got us thinking and looking at our own business in different/new ways.

What I have found with MergedAnalytics is that it varies by customer.

To some we are a cure…to others we are a vitamin but an important one like Vitamin D. #mergedanalytics

Power of Simplicity

Is your product simple to use and intuitive ?

KISS – Keep it simple stupid Occam’s razor – the simplest path is usually the right one Simplicity is the true sophistication.

The more simple a product is….the more elegant it seems. No one wants the swiss army knife.

If you are everything to everybody…you nothing to nobody. Have your product do 1 maybe 2 things really really well .

Thom and I discuss the importance of simplicity.

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Customer Retention

When you hear the word Recession what comes to your mind?

As you will hear in this segment….The first thing that Thom and I think of…is Customer Retention.

You need to be sure your customers are getting what they need from your organization or they will go somewhere else.

One of the ways you can proactively manage your customer needs is to understand how they are interacting with your website.

Do they need support and trying to find answers on your website? Are they interested in other products/services that you offer?

How would you know this information if they do not contact you directly?

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When you Take Action on “Non Actionable” Intelligence

I was challenged by a prospect.

This person owns an agency and is interested in White Labeling MergedAnalytics but…he was still skeptical.

We were getting close to setting a meeting when he asked me what I would have asked me if I were him.

He asked” when was he on my website, how many times and what did he do while he was there”?

I talk often about the Actionable vs. Non Actionable data that we deliver.

We focus on the Actionable intelligence that we deliver because well….you can take immediate action on it in some way.

There are times however, the data we deliver is something that is difficult to take action on for example….if a person visits your website while not on their office network.

Although we track it all…..MergedAnalytics will see it as internet service provider like…Verizon, or ATT for example as the company that visited your website. So in the portal we separate and classify this type of data as non actionable .

Long Story short….I was able to take action on what I usually would perceive as non actionable intelligence.

I still had never spoken live to this prospect but I was LinkedIn with that person and saw their City/State Location .

I checked my “Non Actionable” Tracking data in the #MergedAnalytics portal and saw that I had visits from that same location the same day my prospect asked if I could tell him if he was on my website.

I then ran additional reports for the Month and Quarter and saw that IP Address and location visited my website 3 times in the last 3 weeks clicking on the “meet the team” page , homepage and pricing pages on my website.

I was able to tell that prospect exactly when he visited my website, how many times and which pages he spent time on….it was enough that we now have a meeting set .

My question is….since there is obvious value in what we call “non actionable ” intelligence….what new classification would you give it instead?

If your new classification gets chosen you win 6 months free of MergedAnalytics.

Happy Labor Day!


Are you Chasing bots?

Are you trying to follow up with NON Humans?

One of our differentiators is the fact that by default…we filter out the non human clicks like bots, crawlers, spiders, servers etc.

We use Artificial and Human intelligence to weed out the non human and non actionable clicks so YOU can accurately focus on the people at companies interacting with your digital brand.

We have been put to the test as well. If you want to see the garbage data that we filter out for your website…we are happy to provide that to you upon request.

Thom and I discuss how important it is to deliver real actionable data that will help your business not only close deals with new prospects but how we can improve the overall customer experience with the intelligence we deliver.

Invent or innovate?

These two words are often confused with one another.

Thomas Edison was an inventor. Steve Jobs and Elon Musk are innovators.

Inventors create something out of thin air while innovators take something that exists and make it better, easier to use etc.

The first email was sent in the mid 1960’s but was not adopted mainstream until the early 1990’s.

The first computer was used in 1943 but the first personal computer was not until 1981. It was not until the graphical interface first with the Lisa by Apple in 1984 and then with MS Windows operating system in the late 80’s /early 90’s that mass adoptions began.

The internet was created in 1961 but it was not used for ecommerce or socially in the form of chat rooms until the mid to late 1990’s.

The electric car was created at the turn of the 1900’s but as we know…the combustible engine won.

The 3D printer was something everyone knew was great but it took a long time before the real value was understood.

Thom and I discuss inventions vs. innovations.

Founder Sellers

Are you a Founder Seller?

The process of how businesses in this country are formed usually goes something like…

– Someone has an idea

– That person asks friends, family and colleagues to verify that idea is good.

– They write a business plan

– They raise money

– They may receive a round of money

– Develop product

– Market/Sell Product

Here is the problem….up until that company actually has a happy paying customer…the business plan is mostly guess work. The worst thing is when money is actually raised too soon by the Founders because this may falsely verify their hypothesis.

Investors are often NOT experts in knowing what will work or not. If you build it….does NOT mean they will always come….Even if it is an amazing idea. Founders and CEO’s need to test their hypothesis in the real world so their perspective can be either verified, shifted or even shattered.

You can NOT understand your customers’ needs while sitting in your office. Interns or entry level sales people should not be expected to go into the field for you to get this feedback. You as the Founder and other Stake holders are the ones for this job.

Thom and I discuss the importance of Founder Sellers .

We both are reading “Nail It then Scale It” by Nathan Furr and Paul Ahlstrom.

We discuss an example that involved a revolutionary invention for the time by Thomas Edison that ultimately failed and how that experience changed how he approached inventions for the rest of his life.

If you are starting a business or launching anything new….this book is a must read. #nailitthenscaleit #mergedanalytics #smartlinks #foundersellers