MergedAnalytics for when you work from home

MergedAnalytics intelligence will make your work from home experience even better

Whether forced or by choice… more people than ever will be telecommuting and working from home. In person meetings, lunches, conferences, trade shows will continue to decrease until the dust settles….but business will continue.

With the absence of the “face to face” meeting…content creation and distribution of videos, podcasts, blogs etc will become even more prominent. More eyeballs on your posted videos, articles, website pages etc….presents opportunity if you are prepared.

Buying excess amounts of Toilet Paper will not help you with understanding the COMPANY NAMES and in some cases EMAIL ADDRESSES of the people clicking on the links you post to social media sites and in your emails as well as the website pages they clicked .

MergedAnalytics however was made for this type of environment!

Set up takes literally 3-5 minutes. Get started….